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TikTok Star's Bryce Hall, Blake Gray Charged For Massive COVID-19 Sway House Party

TikTok star's Bryce Hall and Blake Gray were charged earlier Friday, August 28,  with one misdemeanor count each for allegedly violating the Safer L.A. Health Order and ignoring Mayor Eric Garcetti threats about hosting large gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic the world is faced with. Earlier this month, Bryce celebrated is 21st birthday by throwing a massive party at the Sway mansion in Encino Hills with the likes of several TikTok stars and popular social media influencers.

Despite hundreds of people attending the festivities, and lets not forget a couple of men and female strippers, none of the partygoers were wearing a mask while completely disregarded the notion of social distancing. Hall apologized for his behavior later on but the damage was already done. The city of Los Angeles had is L.A home utilities shut off to stop him from throwing another party.

Now, here's where things get interesting, back in spring of this year, the 21 year old social media personality had been arrested for drug-related charges in the Lone Star State but later released on bail under the condition to not engage in "illegal or immoral activities" which clearly he violated. Both, Bryce and Blake could face up to one year in jail and up to $2,000 in fines if found guilty.

In a statement, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer“ said: "If you have a combined 19-million followers on TikTok during this health crisis, you should be modeling good behavior—not brazenly violating the law and posting videos about it, as we allege,”.

The Sway House member rose to fame on the now well-known popular video-sharing app TikTok with more than 13.2 followers and 6.2 million followers on Instagram.

Photo credit (all): Bryce Hall instagram

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